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At S2G we are always recruiting, if you are looking to get into the securtiy and stewarding Industry or if you already are and looking for work get in touch with one of our team to get started straight away.


What we looking for:

We are looking for well mannered and very presentable staff who’s not afraid to go the extra mile to be on top of the task given to them, experience working in a customer service environment, most have excellent communication including both written and verbal.



* Ensure the safety and security of staff and customers within the working environment

* Support with any emergency services

* Present for work at the designated time

* Searching for any vehicles and persons on site

* Familiar with radios while using the correct terminology 

* Deal with emergency situations including initial alert and evacuations

Remember by signing up to S2G event management LTD you agreeing to all T&C including £30.00 fine if you do not turn up. or do not give 24hours notice for replacement.